Quilting Journey

Lockdown #3 What we have been up to……

Here we are again! Lockdown #3 

It is scary out there at the moment and here at Carry on Quilting, we took the decision to postpone all our courses until May as we do not want to keep messing you about with keep moving them back and back as it’s so uncertain when this lockdown will come to an end. 

We were really disappointed to have to do this but we are hoping to use the time on our own projects and also plan some great new courses for you for when we can all meet up again.

A couple of bits I have been working on is the skill of Latch Hook which is new to me. I purchased a kit for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas and when we started it, I thought, I like this, might need to have a go myself and here is the result. I can’t say this is normally my kind of thing and it took a while to find an image I liked but I did find it quite addictive once I started.  No idea what I am now going to do with it!!! 

Latch Hook Cat

I also started Postcard from Sweden by Jeli Quilts, which I received as a Christmas gift purchased from The Tartan Reel.  https://www.thetartanreel.co.uk/ It is made up of 36 Kona cotton solid fabrics with names like lipstick, Sprout and Leprechaun and made up of half square triangles (HST) (Colours may vary from pictures below)

Kona Cotton Lipstick
Kona Cotton Sprout
Kona Cotton Leprechaun

Emma and I spent ages cutting out all the colours and labeling them because there is no way in this world I would remember them all! I love the array of colour which is what drew me to the kit in the first place but I can say I’m not keen on the colour peach.

Kona Cotton Peach
HST all cut out and labeled
Two rows ready to be sewn together
Starting to come together

I still have 10 rows to add and it is challenging me I must say as there are a lot of sections to line up!  My unpicker is fast becoming my best friend.


And I just love this picture of the trimmings from this project…

Well, I am sure I will start some more lockdown projects as soon as I finish the Postcard from Sweden quilt and I get time around home schooling. Please do keep in touch, keep safe and hope to see you all soon.


Quilting Journey

My Quilting Journey

Upon discovering a workshop, Stephanie and I decided to share it and make it our sewing workshop leading to us being able to spend time together doing a hobby we both love.

Stephanie decided to use the space exclusively for her quilting project as I decided to use it for everything to take the pressure of my very small house.  

Then lockdown hit us and we had to put these plans on hold and it was possible I would be unable to see Stephanie for what could be weeks! This got me thinking “What the heck and I going to do all day long at home for potentially months?”

I dug out all my scraps and remnants and decided to have a go at a simple square patchwork 

quilt. So The Lockdown Quilt project was born. It was the perfect project, made of all the leftovers of projects past, like my wedding dress.  I really enjoyed making the Lockdown Quilt and was a bit disappointed when it was finished.

But my friend Hannah then announced that she was expecting a baby. Wait a moment I thought – I have an idea for a perfect gift….(pictured)

Stephanie and I were having a natter one day at the unit once we were allowed out again and we thought it could be fun to learn more quilting skills and what better way than to run some courses in our space so other people could come along on this journey with us. This is how Carry on Quilting was born.

Now our workshop is up and running, we’re doing all these courses and I’m the first in the queue for them all.  Our new courses will be published soon for next year.

Look out for my second blog to see how I am getting along.

Take care