Journal Quilting Workshops: May – July 2021

Run by Cathy Alsworth from Patchwork Robin

Saturday 22nd May.

Saturday 26th June.

Saturday 24th July.

Quilting no longer needs to be an expanse of well crafted stitching and piecing work which would cover your bed. Quilters are choosing to make smaller pieces which have a meaning to them within that month. The idea is that they are small, fun pieces of artwork which explores new techniques and materials.

These small pieces of work are your ideas, your thoughts, your memories interpreted into small Journal Quilts.

So forget your full sized quilt and embark on a series of work completing each one over a period of time, perhaps monthly or quarterly.
Be inspired, get creative – anything goes!

These courses will teach you new skills and techniques to create small pieces of work but all the ideas are yours so let your imagination flow!

The course runs in blocks of 3 covering the months of February, March and April, May, June and July, September, October and November where you can either create a piece for the quarter or you can create a Journal each month.


Half Square Triangle Quilt for Beginners

Run by Cathy Alsworth from Patchwork Robin

The course will run over 4 weeks of 3 hr sessions on the following dates at 10am until 1pm.

Friday 11th June.

Friday 18th June.

Friday 25th June.

Friday 2nd July.

This course is for beginners and will include rotary cutting and ruler skills, how best to use your cutting mat, half square triangle piecing, basic quilting using a walking foot and binding of your finished quilt.

Finished quilt size 35″ x 45″.

Upon booking, fabric requirements and cutting instructions will be sent out.

Please bring you sewing machine.

Quilting Journey

My Quilting Journey

Upon discovering a workshop, Stephanie and I decided to share it and make it our sewing workshop leading to us being able to spend time together doing a hobby we both love.

Stephanie decided to use the space exclusively for her quilting project as I decided to use it for everything to take the pressure of my very small house.  

Then lockdown hit us and we had to put these plans on hold and it was possible I would be unable to see Stephanie for what could be weeks! This got me thinking “What the heck and I going to do all day long at home for potentially months?”

I dug out all my scraps and remnants and decided to have a go at a simple square patchwork 

quilt. So The Lockdown Quilt project was born. It was the perfect project, made of all the leftovers of projects past, like my wedding dress.  I really enjoyed making the Lockdown Quilt and was a bit disappointed when it was finished.

But my friend Hannah then announced that she was expecting a baby. Wait a moment I thought – I have an idea for a perfect gift….(pictured)

Stephanie and I were having a natter one day at the unit once we were allowed out again and we thought it could be fun to learn more quilting skills and what better way than to run some courses in our space so other people could come along on this journey with us. This is how Carry on Quilting was born.

Now our workshop is up and running, we’re doing all these courses and I’m the first in the queue for them all.  Our new courses will be published soon for next year.

Look out for my second blog to see how I am getting along.

Take care